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Trailer 1

Posted on 03/4/13
Runtime: 2:15

Webcomic Preview

Posted on 04/01/13
Runtime: 5:06

Teaser Trailer

Runtime: 3:30

a Dincarnation  
a teen plus rating is recommended  
  • Format : 22 page full color comic book
  • Genre : Science Fiction/Fantasy
  • Writer : Damian Wampler
  • Artist : Andre Siregar
  • Colors : Anang Setyawan
  • Covers : Josh Chinsky


Hundreds of thousands of years in the future, our continents have long since submerged beneath the sea. No record of our civilizations exist, yet new evils have taken their place. The evil Mitan dominates the world using the power of an ancient and mysterious book of prophesies.

The only one standing in his way is a girl named Sevara. Orphaned and abandoned, she was discovered by a group of immortal warriors called the EvenKeep, who raised her and gave her their powers. Over centuries of war and peace, evil is erased from the hearts of mankind. The EvenKeep vow to give up their memories of bloodshed and their incredible powers so that humanity can hit the reset button.

One by one, the EvenKeep slip into stasis, erasing their own histories to give human beings a chance to create a new one. All of them keep their promise...except Sevara. And what she finds when she awakens is a world that nothing could have prepared her for. Sevara's own past has corrupted the future.

Along with the runaway slave Alathea, she must discover the arcane truth behind an ancient evil and transform earth back into the paradise it once was. In unlocking the secrets of the books of the prophets, she will sacrifice everything she loves in order to heal her broken world.

The Art

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